Group Dining

We offer a semi-private area at The Ivy Asia, Chelsea and Brighton.

The private area is unapologetically stunning with pink blossom trees and unique Asian features that add a touch of magic to your intimate and exclusive dining experience, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Perfect for celebrations, business meals or lunches.

We also take requests for bookings outside of these times for evenings and weekends, this is dependant on availability and minimum spends. Guests can dine off of the a la carte menu on arrival or pre-order in advance.

The Ivy Asia, Chelsea can accommodate 10-18 guests.

The Ivy Asia, Brighton can accommodate 15-26 guests.

For booking enquiries for The Ivy Asia, Chelsea please call 020 4537 2710

For booking enquiries for The Ivy Asia, Brighton please call 01273 752 222

Group Dining